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15 Avenue Montaigne 75008 Paris, France
Minimum Age: 18

Manko, a new venue right in the heart of Montaigne Avenue, has already become an unmissable destination for any true Parisian. This neighborhood never rests, buzzing with visitors from around the world at all times of day and night, all within a stone's throw of the Seine. Manko is in the former Drouot auction room (where the film Orchestra Seats was shot), at 15 avenue Montaigne, where the new Moma Group restaurant opens its doors. Never has the most beautiful avenue of the Golden Triangle hosted such a predestined and well-named place. Baptized "Manko" in homage and a nod to the Inca legend "Manco Capac", son of the Sun God, founder of the people Inca.

This laid-back Parisian goes on to build, create and light up living spaces, with a pronounced taste for bias and authenticity. Gilding in warm but chic colors, nobility of materials (terracotta tiles on the floor, patinated wall lights, tables and chairs in precious wood, brass hardware, golden patina, and aged silver leaf), everything has been done to make honor and translate with fidelity, all the expectations of a people very proud of its cuisine.

This 5-star private club provides live concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings and surprises until dawn! Chic vibe but the festive atmosphere for this private club that will welcome a live concert every opening night during the first part of the night and until 1h30 a.m., in a New House Disco atmosphere, before heading for surprises between guests and light show until the end of the night. Manko is a new cabaret in Paris where you can enjoy burlesque shows every Friday and Saturday night. Its creator was inspired by the fun of burlesque shows that he has enjoyed for years all over the world to create a colorful spectacle featuring Marc Zaffuto and Emmanuel d’Orazio as artistic directors who have also had success in bringing their creativity from sandwich clubs around Europe to this more extravagant place.

The music at Manko Paris is house. The dress code is elegant, chic, and neat! In other words, be prepared to enter a 5-star private club for high-range guests!

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