Cannes Launch Party during the film festival

27 Jan 2021

Cannes Launch Party during the film festival

What do you get when you combine the Cannes Film Festival, a luxurious yet energetic daytime beach party, and the world's most innovative luxury club app?

You get Clubbable's Cannes Launch Party, of course!

We had just released our special events listings feature on our app, and for the first time our users, people with fine taste and a thirst for all-night fun, could actually find out the details of Leonardo DiCaprio's yacht party, or Rhianna's Chopard party. And these features were released just in time for the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. So naturally, the opportunity was too good to miss.

La Gold Plage beach club played host to this thrilling event, and we enjoyed a wonderful medley of Cannes' most passionate socialites, up and coming models and actors, and established celebrities. The music was wonderful, champagne was flowing, the sun shone down on tanned skin, and we felt transported back to a more glamorous, adult version of those fun beach days we had during our teens. That perfect medley of adult luxury and playfulness that Clubbable is known for, from club to club and event to event.

Inside the more intimate setting of the seating area there was music, more drinks, and of course some fantastic shows, combining art, music, fashion, and performance. We thoroughly enjoyed a wonderful live performance from none other than famous YouTuber Adam Saaks, known for creating some of the world's most intricate, stunning hand-cut swimsuits whilst the guest is still wearing them. And his models were none other than Claudia Carpentier and Cloe Carvallo. Nobody could take their eyes off the scissors as Saaks transformed plain black bodysuits into the sexy, sensual, intricate knotted swimwear he is known for. Beautiful haute couture swimsuits for beautiful models.

As the sun set and the night grew cool, we moved on to the Cosy Box for a dinner party fit for a king. This stunning little pop-up club is the sort of place that you miss all year long, and can't wait to get back to as soon as it re-opens next Cannes Film Festival. The food is amazing, the artwork incredible, the music innovative - every year it is designed to wow guests by bringing together some of the finest cultural experiences in the world. Then we carried on partying through the night at the reknowned Gotha nightclub.

Our party, which could definitely be described as "a bit extra, in the good way", was even listed by the Huffington Post as the 2nd best thing to do during the Cannes Film Festival, right after "A list parties". Which we don't mind. It has a kind of harmony to it, if you ask us: Use the Clubbable app to find all the best A-lister parties at the Cannes Film Festival, and if you aren't attending an A-lister's party, then come and hang out with us. Either way, Clubbable will be central to your fun at next year's Cannes Film Festival. We'll see you there!

Nightlife Improved With Clubbable

You know what the problem with nightlife is?

Arriving the door and being told it's a private event, or all full, or the tables are all reserved so you can't get one.

Dressing up and feeling like the hottest person in the entire country, only to be turned away at the door because of some little detail in the dress code you didn't even know about.

Getting all hyped about a venue you've been dying to get to, only to find out that it isn't all that, or to see that there just isn't the right energy for you.

Not wanting to try a new club because your tastes are pretty specific and you can't find anyone who will tell you what damn music they play.

Being in a strange new city, maybe even not speaking the language, and feeling like you can't go out and have fun because you don't even know where the best clubs are.

Finding that one amazing, absolutely perfect club in your city... and realizing you've lived there one, five, or even ten years, and been missing out on that perfect venue all along!

Yep, the problem with nightlife is the sheer lack of information and accessibility out there. It's so unnecessarily convoluted! If only there was a way of looking up a club, finding out what it's like, seeing what events or special nights are coming up, finding a promoter, and getting yourself on the guest list with a table reserved... all with a few taps and swipes of your phone screen.

But there is!

Clubbable is the revolutionary nightlife app which will tell you all about the best, most luxurious clubs in your area. Not sure if they're all booked? Check, and make a reservation. Need a promoter? Find one through our wide range of local promoters. Want to find a club that will play hip hop all night long, or maybe one with a specific dress code? Check out our sorted club listings and filter through for the perfect venue for your night.

We don't believe that nightlife "isn't for everyone". We believe that nightlife is personal to everyone. Everyone has their own way of enjoying a great night out, and there are luxury clubs catering to all sorts of tastes. Whether you are looking for a place full of young free spirits, a dayclub pool party, or a venue catering to gothic and alternative people, we know that you want a luxurious, fun experience, tailored to your needs.

And we understand how slow and stressful it can be to find that perfect experience. How annoyed we can all get when all we want to do is go out, and we're worried about dropping a couple of grand on a place that isn't what we expected. That is why we are here.

So leave it in our capable hands! Consider Clubbable your nightlife butler. Just tell the app what you're looking for, and before you know it, your plans will be complete. And you can rest easy knowing that your night is going to be absolutely wonderful.

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