Early September Update

04 Sep 2017

Early September Update

Great news again!
Number of active monthly users keep climbing at a steady rate of around 15% per week!

This week we had less groups formed to go out though. Not 100% sure why.
Now when people are back from holiday and back to work and school we hope to see an increase in going out

For those of you not yet following us on Twitter I recommend you all to do so now when our Twitter mastermind Emmy has taken over it and will be posting funny and interesting stuff there. There will also be lots more activity the @clubbableapp Instagram stories so make sure to keep an eye on them..

Instagram is nowadays all about ranking which is directly correlated with engagement (likes/comments). Number of followers actually hurts ranking so we are in the process of removing fake/bad followers we have attracted somehow. Our engagement is currently quite low which forms a catch 22 where we rank low because of this and therefore do not show up in peoples feed and in turn do not get the likes and engagement that we would have so please all make sure to like and comment all our Instagram posts.

The snapbacks have proven highly popular so we are now in the process of getting a new batch but this time of the traditional baseball style cap where you have a curved beak. We are also looking at ordering hoodies so let us know if you would like to have one.

Last week I had a meeting with one of the bosses at one of the clubs and his exact comment was: You are going to make lots of money on this! :)
Always great to hear.

The transaction system is pretty much finished and will be fine tuned and tested properly this week so we are hopefully ready to ship i next week and see transactions being generated for all the groups who have gone out since early July.

My good friend Christian is joining us as head of referral partnerships in London and will be a great asset thanks to his great attitude and vast network of high end contacts. Welcome Chris!

Developer Vivek who left the team recently missed us so much so he decided to join us again as a side project. Welcome back!

If you have not seen it we now have a press tab on the website were we collect links to articles about us and the press release which would be great if you had a look at and came with feedback on.

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