People not to be trusted

29 Jun 2018

People not to be trusted

Unfortunately not everyone is trustworthy in this world. Particularly so in the world of nightlife. Promoters in general have a terrible reputation for cheating and deceiving even for the tiniest amount of money.

Here comes a list of individuals we would recommend you to not trust in any way:

Ron Mohan was for a long time very active in Clubbable and probably took out more guests successfully than anyone else. He begged for extension on the credit to keep his Clubbable account active which we kindly granted. He assured us he was soon to be rich since he was about to start trading after taking a 10 minutes YouTube course so paying next week would be no problem. I think we can all guess how his trading went. 

Manu Constantin, terrible aggressive attitude with communication skills like a 5 year old. Not to be trusted. Zero honour.

So if anyone is looking for a review of any of these people we will gladly vote against them

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