24 Nov 2017

Pinch to zoom

🖼 We have found out that many of our guests have in the past been choosing offer depending on the photo of the promoter so make sure you have a good one on your profile. Promoters with non clear photo has seen less offers accepted.

Now we are seeing the trend that guests more and more select depending on the promoter rating so the ones that previously tricked the system and guests by offering dinner and taxi then not delivering that now has a less than excellent rating because of that are not getting selected that often so make sure you deliver what you promise and treat the guests the best.

🔎 A while back we made it so that now when you are looking at the pictures of the guests you can tap the picture once to then be able to zoom in with the standard pinch action. Try it!

😎 The word "CLUBBABLE" is not a made up word like many think. It is a very old word and you can read about the meaning here

🌎 Many promoters post the address to the club in the chat which is not really needed since the clubs in app already has the address and is linked to Google maps.

When you have bookings make sure you keep the communication live all the way.
There are currently 10 groups for tonight and 8 for tomorrow that not yet accepted and offer so go ahead and send some offers. Note: the ones that have accepted an offer you can no longer see.

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