When will nightclubs reopen

10 Apr 2021

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All clubs have closed during the outbreak of the Coronavirus/COVID-19 worldwide.

Since March 2020 everyone has been asking the same question "When will nightclubs open again?", some venue have opened only to be shut down again so here are some of the latest updates from 2021:


There have been a couple of waves of lockdown all over Europe since the pandemic started with clubs, bars and restaurants opening and closing on and off.

London has closed down all party venues for the 3d time due to the increasing numbers of infected people in UK and the entering of the third lockdown. On the 22nd of February Boris Johnson, England's prime minister,  said that nightclubs could open again "no earlier than 21 June" but only if "all legal limits on social contact can be removed" which is part of the government's four-step plan of bringing life back to normal.

Clubs in UK, especially London, England have been open in 2020's summer but operated as lounges and fun restaurants only, the atmosphere was party like but dancing was not allowed, guests had to sit at their prebooked table, wear a face mask when entering and leaving the venue, not get close to other guests and keep the 2 meters distance. 

In Paris all places have closed down due to a high number of cases. Check the tips we provide on the Parisian dress code here to be prepared for their reopening.

In Cannes some clubs have initially opened but have closed down due to another wave of corona virus, other clubs have closed down due to end of season. La Chunga restaurant is still open but only does sit down dinners.

Birmingham has closed down all venues again because of the second lockdown happening in the UK.

In Marbella only bars and restaurant such as Mosh and Mahiki are open.

In Barcelona almost everything has closed down again.

Madrid is not allowed to open any party venue yet, the places open are restaurant/bars without VIP service such as Florida

In St. Tropez all clubs are closed for the season. 

Monaco has also shut down again.

Most clubs in Valencia have reopened but closed down. A new happening place is Gabbeach/Sunset Gabbana and Marina Beach Club which still remain open but run as restaurants/lounges.

The nightlife scene in Milan has also shut down.

No news yet about when clubs in Lisbon and the rest or Portugal will be allowed to open again, clubs have been closed since March 2020.

In Warsaw some places have opened and closed down.

The Nordic countries have not gone under lockdown yet but have introduced restrictions, some that made a few venue to shut down.

Copenhagen has also closed down all venues for now.

In Stockholm the famous Kyoto is finally reopening after a few month of being shut down. The Stureplansgruppen's clubs are all closed down until further notice, that includes the famous Spy Bar, V, Suite and many more. 

Malmo has closed it's clubs but restaurants remain open.

Oslo only has restaurants open.

In Gothenburg there are some places open but run as bars/lounges.

The Balearic islands have their borders open for tourists to visit the islands but Ibiza, Magaluf and Mallorca have sadly not been allowed to open their clubs this summer at all.

Moscow has shut down most venues for 2 weeks in January 2020 but all have reopen now, some clubs don't have any safety rules. Best places to go to are KvartiraSecret RoomValenokZvarka and Soho Rooms. Booking a table is mandatory to get in for both males and females.

St Petersburg has a few nightclubs open such as Santa Barbara where you can party as you have always did.


Indoor nightclubs in the United States are not allowed to reopen yet and there is no information available about a possible opening date, but there are lounges, bars, clubstaurants, terraces, swimming pools and boats holding parties and events. 

In Los Angeles some clubs and bars have initially opened but shut down again due to the corona virus spread. California's governor aims to fully reopen the state by the 15th of June 2021. “With the expectation of an abundance of doses coming in from the federal government through the end of this month and into May, we can confidently say by June 15 that we can start to open up as business as usual — subject to ongoing mask wearing and ongoing vigilance,”  governor Newsom said during a news conference in San Francisco on Tuesday, 6th of April 2021. The nightclub scene thinks that we will have some normal parties returning by July. Sayers Club and Derriere will reopen their doors for sure.

In Miami the rooftop Mr Jones and the indoors venue have fully opened, they host parties following the safety guidelines and do table bookings and guest list every weekend. If you prefer day parties then Sls Pool Club is the place to go. On the 20th of March the Mayor has announced that Miami Beach, from 5th to 15th street, will suffer the new curfew rule that obliges all venues to close at 8pm. This curfew will end on Monday, the 12th of April.

Luckily Mr Jones, SLS at Hyde Beach and DAER are not going to be affected, they will remain open from 8pm til midnight. 

Another option available is to rent your own private boat or apply for guest list to get invited to join someone's private yacht party!

In New York City no clubs are open and there will not be any proper parties in the next few months. Sports bars and restaurant are the only venue open but there are no parties, only sit down drinking and eating, some of them are Magic Hour roof top and PHD Terrace

Las Vegas has opened and closed again many of it's clubs. The ones remaining open are Daylight Beach ClubMarquee Day and a few more.

Chicago has opened a few sports bars, no vip service nor guest list there though.

In Dallas there are many places open, the best ones are Bottled Blonde and Truth and Alibi.

In Atlanta there are a few clubs up and running. One of the nicest options is Suite Lounge. The famous Compound is closed down for renovations untiil further notice. 


In Dubai some clubs have opened up mid July 2020 but they operate more like lounges. In February 2021 the new restriction updates are that all venues close at 1am, music is not allowed to be played at any indoor or outdoor venue, dancing is not permitted and the capacity is 50%. A few nice lounges are Aer LoungeSky 5Nargui Five, offering seesha/hookah, The Penthouse and more. The best and most happening club like venues are 1Oak and White. It is said that by the end of June clubs will come back to their normal way of operating.

Mafia, Secret Room, Mantis, Boudoir have temporarily shut down but will reopen soon.

Boa has reopened as BLU under new owners with a fresh new look. 

All places request a pre booked table, no guest list is available due to the virus restrictions. If none of these options are what you are looking for then the most VIP exclusive thing to do is to rent your own yacht and throw a private party! Ladies can apply to join via guest list.

In Tel Aviv some clubs have reopened, a few of them are Atlanta, Jimmy Who and Radio EPGB. To get in any of these venues you need to be vaccinated against Covid19 or carry a green passport. To get in most venues you need to buy tickets which are getting sold out a few days before each party.

Hong Kong has a few venues open, some are only for drinks and food while other ones allow some parties with live djs.

In Seoul many clubs have permanently shut down, some bars and lounges are still open.

Singapore doesn't have nightclubs open but it has lounges, bars and restaurants fully functional.

Tokyo has many clubs and lounges open where they party just as pre pandemic.

Manila, the capital of Philippines operates as normal, a new fun club is open everyday from evening til early morning is YSO Rich and a cool bar club that closes at 2AM is Agimat


In Marrakech the clubs were initially meant to be open from the 20th of May but the quarantine has been extended. Bars, restaurants and outdoor venues are open now.


In Cancun the famous Coco Bongo has remained open.

In Tulum the only proper party venue is the famous francize Bagatelle. Other venues you should definitely try are Papaya BeachClub, Rosa Negra, Ilios and many more! 

Buenos Aires has initially shut down but lately is started to open up some places such as INK.

In Toronto nothing has reopened yet.


Sydney has opened up again after closing all clubs mid December due to a rapid increase of infections. The most wanted party Marco Polo at Ivy Pool has closed down for the season.

In case you don't like the options listed below feel free to check our private boat parties, maybe it will suit you!

When the clubs do open again they will be advised to initially operate according to secure guidelines such as:

1) Temperature checks - client's and staff's temperature checked on entry into the venue using a non-contact thermometer,  if higher than 37.5 °, the clients and employees will not be allowed access to the premises and will therefore be turned away and advised to contact their doctor.

2) Social distanced seating - reduce table capacity in order to keep certain distance between individual tables (2 metres is being seen as the standard).

3) Hand sanitiser - all clients and staff given hand sanitizer on entry. Every table has its own sanitiser or the waiter can distribute hand sanitiser to clients in-between courses.

4) Daily Deep clean - restaurants cleaned with antibacterial agent /disinfectant daily (tables, chairs and floor).

5) Outdoor space - maximum use of all outdoor space where the natural airflow keeps the air as clean as possible.

6)  Businesses that have a seating system have to allow pre bookings and to keep the list of subjects who have booked for a period of 14 days, ensuring compliance with the legislation on the protection of personal data.

7) In establishments that do not have seats they need to allow entry to a limited number of customers at a time, based on the characteristics of the individual rooms, in order to ensure that at least 1 meter is maintained between each customer.

8) Self-service buffet service is not allowed. 

9) The service staff that will be in contact with the customers must use a mask and carry out frequent hand hygiene with sanitizing products (before each table service).

Watch this video to see how clubs operate nowadays during the pandemic.

British Airways have flagged for resuming flights on the 1st of July which many believes that other airlines will follow. From what we have heard the planes will only be allowed to fill up to 50% of the seats, passengers will have their temperature taken before boarding and they will have to wear masks.

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