25 Jun 2018


Whether you're out and about in London for the first time, you're a local getting to grips with the nightlife of the beautiful English capital, or you're just tired of your usual haunts and looking for something new, chances are you want to know what are the best places to spend your time and money.

Of course, we can't guarantee that every club is perfect for everyone. But there are as many unique, original clubs in London as there are tastes, so among these top ten you're bound to find one you will love.

10: Café de Paris.

Café de Paris manages to combine youthfulness and sexiness with sophistication and history. One of the oldest clubs in London, you might think that it would be outdated after seeing over ninety years of party-goers. Far from it, Café de Paris retains its historic glamour whilst providing some of the best and most modern beats, as well as up to date cabaret shows. This delightful nightclub is not only a full experience, but a celebrity hot-spot, seeing singers, actors, and even royals in its VIP rooms.

9: Jungle.

The only reason this club isn't higher on the list is because it is fairly new as of writing this list and yet to prove itself long-term. From what we've seen so far, though? It may very well end up as #1 in no time. The theme of jungles and rainforests is insane, with sexy performers dressed as cavegirls and animals, luxurious tropical drinks, and an immersive setting with stunning rock formations, plants, and giant elephant statues, designed to draw your wild side out. Promising!

8: Drama.

Drama by name, drama by nature. If you are an innovator, rule-breaker, a dreamer who wants to experience the heights of luxury and one of the most hedonistic clubs in London. Combining the fun of pop art with a sexy dance floor and a wide selection of delightful cocktails and bottle service options, it has everything you need if you're young and fun. It can be insanely selective, as it only has room for three hundred guests, so make sure to book a table well in advance to make sure you can get in.

7: The Cuckoo Club.

If you want all of the VIP treatment of an old-school members' club and all the modernity London has to offer, then the Cuckoo Club is the place you want to be. The highest quality bespoke cocktails, acclaimed DJs, and beautiful guests left and right. Not to mention, the most important part of a VIP experience: the customer service. Stunningly beautiful waitresses and hostesses will cater to your every need. Make sure to get on the guest list or reserve a table for the full experience.

6: Cirque le Soir.

Going strong since 2009, Cirque le Soir has proven itself to be one of the finest nightclubs in London. Cirque le Soir combined a great, luxurious nightclub with a more casual sort of fun night out. Clown dancers, contortionists, stilt walkers and go go dancers abound, and there are arcade games for guests to play. On the stages the acts get even more outrageous, carrying on the circus theme with angle grinder performances, snake charmers, and models performing aerial acrobatics. All the fun of a funfair, with all the luxury of a high-end club.

5: Tonteria.

The latest and hottest trend is for themed nightclubs, and Tonteria embodies that spirit. Embracing Mexican day of the dead and Aztec aesthetics, this fun and sexy nightclub has a distinct vibe to it that you won't find anywhere else in London. Famous for its fun sharing cocktails, also themed, you are sure to have a great time when you bring your friends round to this quirky London club. It also has one of the broadest and highest quality selections of tequila in the world. So drink up! This is the place to be on a Monday night.

4: Shaka Zulu.

If you want to visit a fun themed club, but Mexico isn't quite your style, why not try out a club that brings you to the heart of tribal Africa? Shaka Zulu is the height of tribal and historic opulence, making you feel like you are in the home of some ancient African king. Elaborate carvings, delicious South African cuisine, and a party that will rock you all night long. If you want a place where you can sample zebra meat for dinner, and rock out to the hottest DJs in London as the night goes on, this is it.

3: Reign Showclub.

As London's first showclub it offers an unforgettable experience. It is the talk of London for all its amazing attributes. The interiors are stunning. If you want to feel like you are in Las Vegas, this is the place to be. Bright lights, glamour, and showtime décor all come together to make you feel like a celebrity being treated to a private burlesque experience. Want to dine among pyro cannons, jellyfish tanks, flying acrobatics and confetti? There is nowhere else in London that will offer you this experience. There is nothing less than wow factor everywhere you look in Reign Club.

2: Mahiki.

When it comes to the trend for themed clubs, the Mahiki, and its sister club, the Mahiki Kensington, stand head and shoulders above the rest. The Polynesian Tiki decor is authentic and everywhere, and the cocktails and light bites are tropical and refreshing. A far cry from the busy streets of London just beyond the door, you will be transported to a party in paradise. These venues are catnip for celebrities, seeing Rihanna, Drake, Nicola Roberta, Lady Gaga and more within its walls.

1: The Box.

The Box occupies the space which once hosted the Soho Revue bar, but the venue is totally transformed. Located in the heart of Soho, it embraces the talented artists and local atmosphere, bringing sexy, crazy acts to the stage. Known for bordering on the obscene, the acts push the limits both in terms of defying convention and in terms of exploring new and obscure indie acts. A full night out with bottle service is recommended, as the show often gets better and better as the night goes on. And, naturally, it gets busy, so reservations are a must.

What is your favourite London club? Did it make the list? Have you checked out all these places yet? And if not, what are you waiting for?

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